The Amazing Spider-Man 2 App Reviews

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I havent played the game yet. Look, I have the right amount of storage and had freaking 10 dollars I hit download and it tells my not enough storage! So I dont understand are you guys scamming me? Why? It looks like a good game but just really? WOW!!!! The only reason Im giving 3 is because gameplay looks good, and I shouldnt even be giving 3 because I HAVENT PLAYED YET!!!!!!!!!

Not that good

In my opinion the first one is better because the camera doesnt keep moving,you dont die in two to three hits and you dont need to pay real money for the suits

I love this

Its awesome so addictive its so fun I love having adventures in New York City

To much lag

I just got this game and it is the biggest lag ever I want my money back


This is the best game everrrrrrrrrr

To lagy

This game is way to laggy please fix

Its okay!

Idk if its worth four dollars. But its still good.

Worst experience

This is my first and worst experience on gameloft games. This game practically lags when you fight and very frustrating. Dont buy it, waste of money until they fix this god dam issue stupid gameloft fix your stupid game


Best game ever


the fighting skill do work but spider man would stop fighting ina a few seconds can u fix the buttons plz

Horrible game

This game is to hard you have to pay alot if spider points for 2 serums bosses are to hard

Dont Waste Your Money!

If you have a old phone like a iphone 4 or 4s or something like that, do not buy! It will say that it cant run the game!


Game glitches and the block button never works and gets me killed all the time. Very unrealistic. Wow...


You basically need to spend money if you want to progress, the free realm world is pretty cool but you cant really do anything around the world unless you grind and upgrade, which cant happen if you have a main mission to do, and overall the issues are too overwhelming to make the game 6.99, cause its not worth it, its more frustrating than fun with no feeling of success, (since you usually have to spend money to do it) and overall is poorly done. Even if it is a mobile game.

For the developers

This is pretty sweet game, and the graphics are great, but even after people spend almost ten whoppers on buying it you still have to pay A TON OF MONEY to buy the different spidey suits! To me that is greedy and the developers should have said something about it in the game description. It is very sad because this game would be better than most of the console games that I own if the suits were unlock able through gameplay. So please fix this major issue developers and please do it quickly!

The Annoying spider app

This game is fun but it SAYS it takes up 704 Megs but it really takes up 1.4 gigs so I had to delete it but if it wasnt taking up so much room I would have kept it.

Spider Man

Stylé,beau graphisme!✌️

Mt bom

Funcionando normal no iphone 6, mt legal o jogo



Das, ist the amazing Spider-Man!

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